I haven’t written on this blog for a long time. It had been a really busy period for me, between a paper revision, presentations and (in the free time) sleeping. I’ve also lost contact with the few friends I have in London, and that’s a thing I’m really sorry about. I’ve also stopped playing guitar (who knows me, also knows I do love guitar as much as I can love something!), concentrating all my efforts in the photography, refining my skills and trying to find constantly new sources of inspiration. That’s the reason why I’ve been so distant from this blog and the things I usually do.
So I decided to start writing again on this blog, as a first symbolic step toward its new life. In fact I have a plan for it: a new theme (the first one completely designed in WordPress by me) and a side-by-side photoblog (probably made with Pixelpost: not decided yet), to help myself doing something serious with my wonderful Nikon D90, and trying to squeeze some money from it 1. I would also like to start a photographic project, but I haven’t decided yet what kind of project will it be. May be, the “classic” 365 one, even though I have a more ambitious idea.
We’ll see what I can do. In the meanwhile, have a look to my Flickr page.

  1. Sell prints or pictures?

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