Luminance HDR

Not many of you know that I’m a developer of Luminance HDR since this summer. Luminance HDR is a cross-platform software for HDR imaging, with a large number of users and an active flickr group.
Why am I working on it? There are several reasons:

  • I’m an user of Luminance HDR (and the previous version, also known as Qtpfsgui), but I really didn’t like its limitations (slowness, memory leaks, unstable UI, …).
  • I’ve got a little passion for the High Performance Computing (and the vectorization in particular). So I decided to use these knowledge into the project in order to improve the code.
  • I’ve got a Mac and there was no release for Luminance HDR running on OS X until few weeks ago (when I made it!).
  • Using a Mac, I work mainly with XCode. But I also had chance to put my hands on Shark (a performance profiler), Instruments (a memory/function call profiler) and MallocDebug (a memory allocator profiler). These tools are absolutely useful in many fields (and in my PhD as well), so I’m really interested in learning and using them effectively.

Give a try to Luminance HDR and let me know what you think of it. If you like it, you can also consider to make me a donation! 🙂


  1. Great to see you fighting the good fight. I hope you’re getting lots of thanks. 🙂

    The number of operator options in Luminance HDR is without peer and I look forward to the software becoming more stable so that I can use it more frequently in the music videos I direct and shoot as well as for my prints.

    I’m already posting on the tracker, but let me know if there’s anything more I can do to help test.

  2. I’m wishing you lots of luck with it. 🙂

    I’m trying to take the time to report as many of the issues I encounter as I can, especially because one of the artists I work with prefers the Mantiuk ’06 output to everything else I’ve shown her, 9 out of 10 times. Last time she chose between shots, that would be the output from about 4 other HDR programs and the original.

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