Weekend in France

Finally, after three weeks, I’ve found the time to put online the pictures of my travel in France. I’ve been in France between the 7th and the 10th of November, just the weekend, to visit Valerio, Nancy and Strasburg and attend a Paul Gilbert’ Concert.
The first day I had a look around in Nancy, a very small city well know for its university… and nothing else! 🙂 Fortunately there’s a pub and a kebab shop. That’s enough! 🙂

The second day we (Valerio, his friends and me) went to Strasburg, a wonderful city on the fence between France and Germany, also place of the euro parliament once a month (a really waste of money!). The most important place of the city is the cathedral, just in the centre of the old part of the city. A place to visit once in a life, no more! 🙂

The third day we (Valerio and me) had just the time to get a coffee before lunch in the central square of Nancy and to prepare ourself for the Gilbert’ concert.


Florence is probably one of the most famous Italian city around the world. And, of course, its reputation is absolutely merit. Arno river create an unique landscape around unreachable monument, like Duomo, Giotto’s Tower or Pitti’s Palace. On other hand, Michelangelo Square (with a great panoramic view of whole Florence) and Ponte Vecchio, with all its jewelery shops, are expressions of a very open mind view of the world. So, if you can, visit Florence. 😉

To see other pictures of this wonderful city, click here.

Joe Satriani & Paul Gilbert, Birmingham, UK – May 12th, 2008

Anche quest’anno ho ficcato un concerto dentro il mio viaggio primaverile. Questa volta è stata l’occasione per vedere Satriani (l’avevo già visto al G3 di Pistoia, alcuni anni fa). Ma l’occasione era ancora più ghiotta, visto la presenza di Paul Gilbert come apertura del concerto.
Non c’è molto altro da aggiungere: il concerto è stato semplicemente DEVASTANTE! 😆
Il concerto di Paul Gilbert è durato circa 50 minuti: una session tra pezzi nuovi e pezzi vecchi, sia suoi (come Down to Mexico) che con i RacerX (come Scarified e Technical Difficulties). Ecco la track list:

  • Hurry up
  • Curse of Castle Dragon
  • Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar
  • Eudaimonia Overture
  • Norwegian Cowbell
  • Bultaco Saturno
  • Scarified
  • The Rhino
  • Bronx 1971
  • Technical Difficulties
  • Suite Modale
  • I Cannot Tell a Lie
  • Down to Mexico

Il concerto di Satriani è durato circa 2 ore. E ragazzi, tirava fuori fiamme da quella chitarra!!! Mi ci voleva un po’ di sano rock potente. Ecco la track list:

  • I Just wanna rock
  • Overdriver
  • Ice 9
  • Diddle-Y-A-Doo-Dat
  • Ghosts
  • One Big Rush
  • Musterion
  • Revelation
  • Satch Boogie
  • Out Of The Sunrise
  • Time Machine
  • Cool #9
  • Andalusia
  • Super Colossal
  • Flying In A Blue Dream
  • Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
  • Bass Solo
  • Cryin’
  • Always With Me, Always With You
  • Surfing With The Alien
  • * ENCORE * Crowd Chant
  • Summer Song

Ne è valsa la pena… se potete, andate a vederlo a Milano o Udine il 10 e l’11 Giugno. Purtroppo non ci sarà Paul Gilbert come spalla, ma solo Satriani vale il prezzo del biglietto. Se volete vedere qualche foto del concerto, date un’occhiata qui.