Journey of a Tremulus Lune build

A couple of years ago I have started playing around with Eagle PCB, after haven’t built something for many years (I will write more about the other projects I have developed in other posts).
After working on a few overdrive, I decided to work on a modulation: I had a spare 14mm clear shaft alpha pot which I thought I could use to do a cool rate speed control. I decided then for a Tremulus Lune. As you can see from the photo below, my initial PCB layout was using the 14mm pot, but then I realised that the footprint was actually quite big, and decided to go for the 9mm one, moving the rate speed LED on the side of the control.

Schematic of the Tremulus Lune is actually quite simple, despite the size of the original PCB (why did they make it so big?). My layout is a simple 3+3, adding both LED (rate speed and on/off) to the board.
In terms of component, as well as the 9mm alpha pot, I decided to replace the VTL5C1/2 with the Silonex NSL-32, a cheaper alternative. The rest of the components are quite standard. 
I have uploaded a few pictures: they show my journey from inception to completion. It was a fun project to work on, and I am already looking forward to start working on my next project.


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