Loopy (LP8+) is an 8 loops programmable audio switcher controllable either using the built-in foot switches or with MIDI.

I started developing Loopy in the spring of 2020, during the first UK lockdown. It was strongly inspired by the Super8 of BYOC (a discontinued project as far as I know) and aimed to be a super-compact programmable audio switcher built around readily available components.

My main target was to design something that was easy to build for even a newbie DIY-er, with mainstream components and only round holes. At the heart of the project I have put the atmega328(p) micro controller, famous for powering the Arduino UNO, and hence widely available on eBay and many hobbyist stores. I have then decided to use a pair of 74HC595 to expand 3 pins from the uC into 16 pins, enough to control either all the relays + all the status LEDs. The rest of the components are a bunch of transistor, LED and resistors.

I have also uploaded a few videos on YouTube to show how it works in real life. Check the main intro video below and browse my account for more videos:

I am quite happy with the outcome of this project and I decided to develop it further, providing guides, BOM, drilling template and schematic online. Everything is published on the Loopy GitHub Page.

I usually have PCB and microcontrollers available (that I can pre-burnt): ping me if you want one.

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  1. Hello David,
    That looks like a great project! I would love to have a go at it with a PCB. Can you send me one? How much is it?
    Thanks for sharing your work!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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