FAME Festival

I was born in small town in the south of Italy. This town, Grottaglie, in this period is full of important artists that are attending the FAME Festival. FAME Festival is a really interesting project: exchange skill between international artists and grottaglie’s ceramic makers is one side of this project. And, in fact, these artists are using all the ceramic techniques to improve their skills and are painting walls to make the city more interesting and to leave there part of their genius.
I’m really attracted by this project. I saw the big graffiti on the Tate Modern walls: they are the concrete example of how to make a awful building looking better. I hope this project will do the same with my little birth-town. 🙂

The picture above is the wall paint of Erica il Cane in one of the most important place of the Grottaglie’s ceramic district. If you want to know more about that, you must visit the blog entry dedicated to this paint. Obviously, thanks to Angelo of Studio Cromie (which is also the organization man of the manifestation) to give me the permission to publish this picture. With the promise to do the best photo gallery as I can as soon as I arrive in Grottaglie (in about 4 weeks).

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