Weekend… in London!

After only one week, I met again Giusi. She came in London to get a plane, but we had the chance to went to Kew Gardens. It was a nice way to use a day, going to a place which is not exactly in the centre of London (bacause it is in zone 4). The park was nice, althought most of the flowers were not blossomed. It was also expensive (12£) but, anyway… who cares?

Today I went with Giusi to Victoria Station. Then I made a quick walk and I met the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, which I haven’t ever seen before.

Saturday in London

Obviously I used this “free” day to have a look around in London. As you know, I’ve been in London few time before, but living here it’s completely different. Another story! Today I’ve seen Oxford St, Regent’s Street (where the Apple Store is, even it’s not the right day to go there!), Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square… and then, I went to Canada Water, where I bought a new cellphone, 2 polo and a new windbreaker. Then I back toward Tower Bridge by feet following the Thames Path. Wow, it was a long journey!
I wish to share this nice trip with you… so I shot a lot of picture, that you can see here. Have a look: any feedback is accepted! 😉

Shots of London

First rule in London: don’t try to find a pot. Yes, a pot! I’ve been trying to find that since last week end. M&M has one… 10£… are you crazy?? The same for Saintsbury’s! Oh, guys, come on! It’s just a POT! And don’t say the word “colander”… I guess someone in England doesn’t know what that is! 🙂

The problem is that I’m Italian. So I need spaghetti, sauce (possibly, real tomato sauce!), salt, a pot and a colander… and a bit of italianish to cook everything in the right way!! 🙂 😉

Anyway, today, while I was looking for a pot, I’ve been in Tottenham Court Road. I’ve been there a few time before, especially to go to Denmark St (yes, you know, I’m a guitarist!). This time I shot a few pictures. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

For further pictures, look here.

Londra? Londra!

Wow, sono a Londra! 😐
Non l’avrei mai creduto. Io. A Londra.

Quando ti prendono, ti impacchettano e ti spediscono in una città circa 100 volte più grande di quella in cui vivi, la prima sensazione che hai è quella di un pesce fuor d’acqua! Beh, decisamente mi sento un pesce fuor d’acqua! 🙂 Sono passati otto anni da quando mi “sono impacchettato” e mi “sono spedito” a Pisa. Ok, non è 100 volte più grande di Grottaglie (insomma, solo poco più di due volte!). Ma decisamente non è la stessa cosa! 😀 Londra è assolutamente incredibile. Colorata di tutti i colori possibili. Ed è grande! Anzi, no! Di più! 🙄 In inglese si direbbe “Huge”. In italiano esiste un termine altrettanto indicativo?

Insomma, ci sto girando attorno. Stare a Londra, pure all’interno della mia nuova camera (questa sera ho visto ben due film!), è una sensazione incredibile. Insomma… 🙄