Weekend in France

Finally, after three weeks, I’ve found the time to put online the pictures of my travel in France. I’ve been in France between the 7th and the 10th of November, just the weekend, to visit Valerio, Nancy and Strasburg and attend a Paul Gilbert’ Concert.
The first day I had a look around in Nancy, a very small city well know for its university… and nothing else! 🙂 Fortunately there’s a pub and a kebab shop. That’s enough! 🙂

The second day we (Valerio, his friends and me) went to Strasburg, a wonderful city on the fence between France and Germany, also place of the euro parliament once a month (a really waste of money!). The most important place of the city is the cathedral, just in the centre of the old part of the city. A place to visit once in a life, no more! 🙂

The third day we (Valerio and me) had just the time to get a coffee before lunch in the central square of Nancy and to prepare ourself for the Gilbert’ concert.

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