I’m gonna miss this place, that’s the only thing that I can quickly say.
I remember the summer of the 2008. I’ve cried a lot when I was noticed that I had to move from the residence in Camden Rd1 to Hawkridge2. I took possession of my first room in the early July and  I thought to keep that room for a long period. I didn’t. After just 2 months I had to move out, take my stuff and bring them at Hawkridge, the “new” residence in Kentish Town. I went under the tower (two towers, actually) before the moving date (it was still under refubishment at that time) to view the area and the surroundings. Everything was looking so awful. But I moved anyway (because I had to!) and, just arrived, I had the first surprise: my room was the best of the whole bulding, I think. On the 14th floor, with a wonderful view of the London, the skylight, the Emirates Stadium and Hampstead Heath outside of the kitchen’s window, every bad thought went away. After just few days I meet nice guys: Claudia (overall), Andy, Barbara, Thomas, Anel, Adrian, Runa and many others (the list is sooo long). I had a wonderful year, full of parties and nights out. I can’t forget the “Ring of Fire” in my room, Brazil vs Italy with Giovanni at the Emirates Stadium, and the U2’s concerts with Laura, the Extreme’s concert with Valerio and the sightseeing with Fra e Vale. And after all these “events” (and more), coming back home, in my nice tidy room.
Today is my anniversary here. It’s the first and the last, because next weekend I’m again moving out  to a new place. I don’t know what this new place is gonna give me, if it’s gonna give me anything at all. And that’s scares me: I don’t like the unpredictable! But I know for sure that I’m gonna miss this place, the people that I meet here and the fire alarm twice every day. I’m gonna miss my clean carpet (I really had care of it!) and this wonderful desk, but I’m not gonna miss my matress (that’s not confortable at all!). It’s in a certain way like changing my life style, a thing that I didn’t desire to do.
But at the end of the story, everything in the life flows and nothing is forever. Expecially a room in a student residence when you’re 27!

  1. Ann Stephenson House
  2. NW5 4SA, Warden Rd

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