Honestly, Ryanair is a shit! Do you want to know why? Well, read this bullet list:

  • Hostess and steward don’t shut up during the fly. Easy: they have to sell, don’t they?
  • Ryanair website is a shit. Graphically, it seems to be the classic web melting pot of the latest 90s: banners everywhere, colour without a really sense, bold and italic without a rule. Usability? It’s somewhere else!
  • Ryanair booking process is a shit. First: it’s not possible to create a fuc*ing account and to check your reservation (past and future). Easyjet does it.
    It’s not possible to store your address in a permament way. An ugly cookie can’t do that forever!
    It’s not possible to navigate the options during the booking process. You don’t know how long the booking process will last. Usability? No Way!
  • Ryanair payment process is a shit. Read this story: I was trying to get a flight from London to Pisa1. It’s easy: you follow all the steps (in sterling) and at the end you can pay with your Solo Card (quite common card in England). But what happen if, from Pisa, you want to go in Bari? The website decides without any reasonable reason to switch in Euro. For another unknown reason, all the prices in Euro are higher than the ones in Sterling (double check it, if you don’t believe me). Example? 15£ for each baggage… or 18€! But the change is 1.09692 (right now), so it should be 16.45€. A nice present of 1.55€ for each euro-paying passenger. Thanks.
    But I still have to tell the best: there is no way to use the same Solo Card that you’ve used to book the flight from London to Pisa. And honestly, is there a reason why a card is ok from London to Pisa and it’s not from Pisa to Bari? Why should I pay more only because the website decided (without asking anything!) to switch in Euro?

I’ve also looked for a Feedback form, instead of writing a complain on my website. I still have the problem to be able to pay my tickets in £ with my Solo Card. It’s the only one I have, so what should I do accordingly to this genial website!?

  1. Easyjet had a better price!

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